Bristol Rovers 0 Scunthorpe United 3

Scunthorpe manager Brian Laws had plenty to celebrate as the Iron ran up another impressive win.

This was Scunthorpe's first success in 15 visits to Rovers and the first time Laws has seen his side triumph against them home or away since he became manager in 1997.

It was all too easy for Scunthorpe once Rovers failed to defend corners to give away goals in the 17th and 19th minutes.

Each time Ian Baraclough curled the ball in from the right flag. From the first Paul Hayes hustled in the first goal and his 12th of the season.

For the second Kevin Miller came off his line to punch but the ball went only a few yards to Steve Torpey who promptly volleyed it back past him.

Rovers had opted for three tightly placed centre backs to control the area in front of goal but were destroyed by the piercing runs from the left by the evergreen Peter Beagrie.

It was an all round triumph for experience over an Ian Atkins side struggling for consistency and with only two wins now in 13 league starts.

The only concern in the Scunthorpe camp was for their captain Andy Crosby. Booked early on for handball as Junior Agogo shaped to go past him he then had to survive an off-the-ball incident involving the Rovers striker.

Agogo was sent sprawling, the assistant Wendy Toms signalled but no-one seemed sure what had happened. Referee Joe Ross settled for a free kick to Rovers but no further card.

Agogo's running caused some problems to the visitors but a bigger threat was coming from Craig Disley in midfield.

There was an angry reaction from the crowd when Disley was withdrawn five minutes into the second half.

Anger turned to disbelief when Rovers promptly gave away a third goal on 53 minutes. A goal kick from Miller went straight to Scunthorpe and Hayes turned to chase the knock-back.

Steve Elliott tracked him without getting in a tackle and Hayes gleefully slotted in his second goal.

Rovers were so inept their fans started giving an ironic cheer to every Scunthorpe pass and there were plenty of them.

Rovers day was summed up late on when Jamie Forrester, a one-time Scunthorpe forward, shot wide of an empty goal.